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Today,Solar Eclipse of 11 August, 2018

Today, Partial Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is known as Surya Grahan in India, 11 August 2018.

It is the last and rare partial solar eclipse will be seen in the many parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

The eclipse will last around  3 hours and  30 minutes.

solar eclipse on today @

Partial Solar eclipse, solar eclipses are two types amongst two one is a partial eclipse.

Partial Solar Eclipse is the eclipse where some rays fall to our earth means when observer or we see the shadows which are not fully covered, a part can be seen.


What is solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is actually a natural phenomenon. It occurs when we pass through the shadow gets

by the moon which blocks the sun through two different types, one is partially or may be full.


partial solar eclipse

What are the effects of Solar Eclipse?

During the eclipse, some people think that may be harmful to watch

or just looking at the sun may cause eye side effects. Mainly, in India solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, the total eclipse etc. all, they believe to be very harmful.

Children’s doesn’t come out from home during the eclipse. Pregnant women don’t eat or even don’t drink water until the eclipse gets over.


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