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what is CPA?

Certified Public Accountant is the CPA who qualified accountants.

Many people who do account works calls himself an Accountant but that’s not true actual accountants are the CPA.

I have a friend who is just 10th passed, he didn’t even pass Higher Secondary School

and got a job at a private construction company.

His job is to take care of the fuels of the vehicles,

refuel vehicles and to list all salaries of all employees and he calls himself an accountant.

CPA is a very difficult exam which has to be passed unless you can’t become CPA.

Any individual can apply or sit for the CPA exam, the candidate no need to have An Accountant degree if he has at least 1 year of accounting experience.



The average salary of a CPA is approx.. $62,400 per year.

And the average salary of CPA with MBA is approx.. $84,500.

Minimum Eligibility to became a CPA is to just pass any bachelor degree with 50% and above aggregate marks from any recognised University.

The candidate must have 150 semester hours of classes of formal education.

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